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Some of you don't know the story. But here it is in print:


Story of the Chinese zodiac

A long, long time ago, God decided to invite all the animals to a banquet. He sent out word for all of them to come to his house the following evening. “And don’t be late,” he said. When the mischievous rat heard the news, he decided to play a trick on his neighbor the cat. He told the cat, “The party is a day after tomorrow.”  The very next day, all the animals lined up for the celebration, and the rat rode all the way there on the back of the ox.  Everyone had a wonderful time, except for the foolish cat, who had a miserable time.

The order of the animals:

 Rat, Ox, Tiger, Dragon, Rabbit, Snake, Horse, Monkey, Rooster, Ram, Dog, and Pig. Kyo is not in this because he is the miserable cat.

                              Year of the Tiger!                            

This Year is the Year of the Tiger!! If you turn 12,24,36,48,etc. this year, this is UR year!


People born in the Year of Tiger are independent and strong, liking do things alone. They like others to obey them. The tiger is a "leader" or "protector" to others. But they act fast and reckless, so this character of the Tiger may cause problems in future. But the Tiger will never be beat, they are forceful, brave, magnetic and aggressive, once the tiger made the decision, they will not be afraid of failure and keep working until success is achieved. In addition, it's very difficult to make the Tiger to be convinced, they like to argue with people and never admit that he or she is not as good as others.

People born under the sign of tiger are impulsive and emotional, they hate rules unless they set them, they don't like to be restrained. The Tiger has a strong sense of justice, they hate beating around the bush, but, in order to live a smooth and safe life, sometimes they follow others' opinions. However, in accordance with the Tiger's personality it's something hard to do.


...That kinda doesn't sound like Kisa though......


Yes! It is Kisa Sohma, the year of the tiger!!!!

This is an ACTUAL Bio from her:


Kisa Sohma is possessed by the tiger. She first met Tohru when Hatsuharu went to go find Kisa, who had runaway. At first, she wouldn't stop biting Tohru's hand, and she kept on running away from Tohru. Kisa had been teased at school, and so she stopped talking.

When Kisa's mother showed up, she was at her wits end, and was upset with Kisa. But Tohru appeared and began to talk about how she had been teased as well, and she could understand, that Kisa probably felt ashamed and afraid to tell someone. After that, Kisa wouldn't stop following Tohru around, but still, she wouldn't speak. After reading a letter from Kisa's teacher, Yuki told Kisa how he wouldn't talk either. After that, Kisa spoke. In the manga she said: "....Yeah. Yeah. Yeah....I was so hap...py." After that, she went back to school.

Her secret admirer is Hiro Sohma, possessed by the ram. But they grew distant after an incident in which Akito beat Kisa so bad... it took weeks for her wounds to heel. People began to tease Kisa when Hiro left. But because of Tohru, they are growing closer once again, meaning Kisa isn't being teased as much.

Kisa Sohma (Fruits Basket) Now THAT sounds like Kisa!

Next Year...

Hatori SohmaNext Year is.....The Year of the Dragon (Hatori)


if u are 12, 24, 36, 48 ect. next year, u r the year of the dragon!

What year are you?


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