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Tohru Honda

Naive TohruTohru Honda is a second-year student a Kaibara Public High. She used to live with her mother, but went to live with her grandfather after her mother died in a traffic accident. soon afterwards her grandfather begain renovating his house, she desided to try living in a tent by herself. She is currently living rent-free at Shigure Sohma's house.


Tohru is a compashinate girl who always thinks of others before herself. she always uses slightly incorrect formal speach, a habit she got from her father. She's soft-hearted that she can't get angery with anyone.This kindness allows her to accept the Zodiac curse.


After seeing how much the cures affects the Zodiac members, Tohru begins desperately wanting to help them, for there is a way to break the curse...

Yuki Sohma, Year of The Rat

Angry YukiYuki Sohma is a seconed-year student at Kaibara Public High and is currently the presedent of the Student Council. Everything he touches seems to turn to gold, so he has gotten the nickname "Prince Yuki".But Yuki thinks of hemself as insignificant and has a complex about his feminine looks. when he was a child, he was sent to Akito as a playmate and the two of them lived together.


After Akito's mind was twisted, Yuki was locked in an isolated room and suffered severe psychological abuse. even after he was let out, Yuki had no idea how to act around people--the wall he had built around himself seemed too high.

Kyo Sohma, The Cat

Kyo Sohma is also a second-year student at Kaibara Public High. He is Kazuma Sohma's adopted son. He made a deal with Akito that if he can beat Yuki before he finishes highschool, he wont be confinedwithin the Sohma estate.


He is the person who is possessed by the cat. Sadly, he is despised by the Sohma family. Kyo's mother had brought him up without letting anyone see him. She loved him but she was also afraid of him. After she went suiside, Kasima took Kyo under his wing.


 Kyo was firce and unmanageable durring elementery school and middle school. He was suppost to attend a local all boy's school for high school but instead trained in the mountains with Kazuma for three months. After he got back he begain living with Shugure Sohma and attend Kaibara Public High School.

Shigure Sohma, Year of the Dog

Shigure Sohma is an author who is raising Yuki and Kyo. Shugre hides his ture self underneath his constent silliness. He is kind to Tohru, and is genneraly friendly to people, but his eyes are cold. He seems to know something important about the Zodiac Curse, but dodges questions about it.It's not clear whether he has Tohru, Yuki, Kyo, or anyone else's interests at heart, but he's obliously plotting something involving Tohru. A couple of years ago, he dated Mayuko Shiraki(Tohru's homeroom teacher)who called him a "ripple in the water."

Kagura Sohma, Year of the Boar

A second-year student at a private girls junior collage. When she getts even a little bit excited, she goes beserk, and has caused a ton of property damage! Her dream is to be a daycareworker. She is good friends with Ritsu.


 Kagura is a demure girl who is prone to dreaming. she is shy and quiet, but when she gets exited, she becomes a destructive force of nature. Her behavior is especialy uncontrollable around Kyo. She's trained at Kazuma's dojo so her capacity to wreak havoe is umparelleled.



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